Litigation Support Services: Why You Need One.

There is a worrying shift toward outsourcing in the current business environment. Companies use this procedure to lessen the time commitment required for non-core tasks. As a result, law firms use litigation support services to help them concentrate on their non-core tasks while their workers primarily perform their primary responsibilities. The best customer service and investing time in high value businesses are two of the core competencies’ major goals.

How Contract Litigation Is On The Rise With Covid-19 And The Need Of Litigation  Support Services - Aeren LPO

If staff are required to concentrate on everyday tiresome tasks like documentation, research, and classifications of routine claims, all of the companies’ primary objectives will be forgotten. The different litigation agencies are given these responsibilities, giving the legal firms a bigger scope to increase their business and expect a greater turnover.


Litigation support includes;

Subpoena and citation service – By offering these services to their clients, several litigation support organizations lessen the strain of subpoena and citation services. They could also specialize in serving parties or witnesses who are difficult to locate.

Retrieving records – For busy attorneys, retrieving records is frequently one of the most laborious and time-consuming duties. These requests are frequently handled on behalf of the clients by litigation support teams. Many even use retrieval specialists with knowledge of particular agencies or record categories.

Assistance with trial presentation — Professionals don’t merely gather evidence and testimonies. They also offer trial boards, legal videography, photography, and other services to help attorneys present that information in the most effective way possible in court.

eDiscovery – Litigation support professionals use a variety of electronic tools and technology to aid in the discovery process. They frequently have extensive knowledge of the legal system, as well as techniques, tactics, and resources for discovery.

Access to different hardware and software – When a company receives litigation support, it typically has access to specialized software that helps with forensic accounting, research, data processing, and data management. In some cases, case files and evidence are even organized in electronic databases.

General consulting — To help lawyers with numerous aspects of their cases, litigation support specialists may also provide general consulting services. This could occur throughout any stage of the action, including the discovery phase.

Here are some of the main justifications for contracting out litigation support services:

Excellent Services

The legal process outsourcing services only employ the best paralegals, litigators, and attorneys ( LPOs). They are up to date on all international legal developments. One may rely on them to be aware of all updates and modifications to the current laws and regulations. They are also knowledgeable in international law, which is mainly based in the US, Europe, and the UK.

Data transformation into organized database

The vast amount of disorganized data is the largest challenge facing law firms worldwide. The services offered by litigation companies handle all the labor-intensive task of reviewing all court records, contracts, presentations and agreements and create a database containing only the important parts that are relevant to the case. This saves a lot of time for the legal firms.

Rapidity of Services

The nearly 12-hour time difference assures that the task is processed at their closing hours during Indian working hours. According to the Indian timeline, the work will be returned during their regular business hours. Therefore, such exceptional services will lead to the business’s expansion and growth.

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