Dr. Joseph holds a PhD in Geography, Master degree in Environmental Science and Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. He is a passionate environmental steward and a climate change expert with a solid experience in quantification, modelling and sequestration of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from various economic sectors. Dr. Joseph strongly promote Nature-based Climate Solutions (NCS) geared towards achieving zero to negative carbon emissions through sequestration.

His work has significantly contributed to the accurate assessment, estimation and reporting of the nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to the UNFCCC through accurate use of Tier II and III emission factors (EFs) as recommended by Paris Agreement 2015. He also plays a key role in reducing the uncertainties and inconsistencies in the national GHG budget as well as carbon financing.

Dr. Joseph has 13 years of experience as a NEMA registered expert with 8 years as a Lead Expert. He is committed to sharing the knowledge and experience acquired over the years through knowledge sharing products, mentorship and capacity building with an ultimate goal of achieving a sustainable future for all. Currently he is the CEO of Senior Environmental & Engineering Ltd as the team leader.