Architectural Considerations When Building an Extension

There are several architectural consideration to take into account when thinking about adding on to your house. These include the need to follow the law as well as elements that will affect your comfort in the future and how much you appreciate your finished home renovation project.

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The architectural consideration are as follows:

Does it blend in with the neighborhood?
The style of your neighborhood should be taken into account when planning to build an addition. By doing this, you can make sure that your addition blends in with surrounding structures rather than standing out.
For instance, a brick-built addition would be the best option if you reside in a Victorian semi- or terraced house. If you reside in a more contemporary neighborhood, a glass-fronted addition may be a better option. If you live on a tiny piece of property, adding a larger addition may drastically restrict your outdoor area and invade the privacy of your neighbors. On the other hand, if you have a vast piece of land, adding a tiny, one-story addition might not be the most effective use of the area.
You can be sure that your extension will be useful and in keeping with your surroundings by taking into account all of these architectural considerations

considerations for local planning authorities
It’s crucial to learn about the local building codes and criteria for obtaining a building permit. These will, among other things, determine the maximum width and height of your extension.
You might also need to consider any covenant limitations that could be in force.

Is it consistent with the current property?
The new addition’s compatibility with the current building’s design should also be one of the initial considerations. For instance, it might not be suitable to construct a contemporary-style addition if you reside in a period home.
In addition, it’s likely that the local planning authorities would consider the design of your existing home when choosing whether to provide planning consent if you require it for your extension.

Will you have to strengthen the structure?
The old building’s structural soundness should be taken into account while adding an addition. To make sure that the structure of your home can sustain the additional weight, it could be required to install additional support walls, for instance, if you want to build a sizable addition.
We at Senior Environmental and Engineering Limited. are ready to give you advice if you need the opinion of a structural engineer in this area.

Do you require a lot of light?
The quantity of natural light that the new room or rooms will receive should be taken into account while designing a house addition. This is particularly crucial for spaces utilized for activities that need for good illumination, Including windows and doors is the best way to get natural light into a space.

Which new room(s) will be used, and how?
It’s crucial to think about both the physical space and the intended usage of the new room when designing a home extension project.
For instance, you must make sure there is adequate room for all the appliances if you intend to use the expansion as a kitchen.
Similar considerations apply to other rooms; if you intend to use the addition as a bedroom, for example, you must ensure that there is enough room for a bed and other furniture.

For more information on the architectural considerations, check out this website.
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